• Do you have a fleet of vehicles that you want to monitor and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a tracking system? You can monitor vehicles equipped with the Safe Sport Tracking – Vehicle Tracker wherever they go and Sales representatives can use the Safe Sport Tracking – Sports or Guard Tracker to indicate when they arrive at customers without having to make phone calls.
  • Do you need to keep an eye on sales representatives or delivery vehicles, or to provide a customer service? The Safe Sport Tracking – Vehicle / Guard / Sports and Personal Tracker can assist you in determining the position of your personnel to provide your customers with information on their whereabouts and the time of delivery.

The Safe Sport Tracking Trackers are designed to take away the uncertainty of where your assets are. This is a portable device than can be moved between different vehicles.

 Sales Representatives and Delivery Vehicles: The Safe Sport Tracking –  Sports  Tracker is ideal for Sales Representatives who often see clients. They can be assisted in  an emergency situation on the road. Sales Representatives can utilize the buttons to  “Check-in” when they are visiting clients, thereby capturing valuable information for  the company. A Sales Representative and a Delivery Vehicle could also be monitored in  this way.

The Safe Sport Tracking – Vehicle Tracker can be used to monitor vehicles – this is  then a security device that will be able to alert you if the vehicle stopped for a certain time, or moved when it should not have been moving. You can do the tracking on your own and alert the proper authorities.

All Safe Sport Tracking Trackers can make use of the Geo-fencing functionality, whereby you set up the “Go” or “NO-Go” areas for the tracker, and if the device enters and exits the “Safe” areas that you have set up, you can be notified via email or SMS.

Vehicle Tracking: The Safe Sport Tracking – Vehicle Tracker can be used as a tracking device for any kind of vehicle. Either a fleet of vehicles or farming equipment, the fixed device can be used to monitor any asset. It can be fixed to the vehicle’s wiring system, or attached to the wiring system with a DC Jack, which allows it to be used as a portable device. “Go” and “NO-Go” Geo-fences can be set up and you will immediately be notified when these assets move out of the safety zones or into an area where they are not supposed to be.

The Safe Sport Tracking – Vehicle Tracker is also ideal to monitor farming vehicles – used to manage the utilization of these assets, or to manage the day-to-day tasks that needs to be performed. Viewing the trips online can assist in the management of planting, ploughing and fertilization of the land – Areas missed can easily be viewed and corrective measures applied.

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