• How can you monitor your guards guarding a perimeter, do you rely on them informing you, or do you rely on the points they visited during their shift? The Safe Sport Tracking - Guard Trackers will show you the exact route they patrolled during their shifts, as well as notification on their “Check-in” points with the Mark & Update function available on the Guard and Sport  Trackers.
  • How often can guards request assistance for help if they have to look-up phone numbers, or forgot the mobile phone in the guard house? With the Safe Sport Tracking - Guard Trackers they can immediately notify more than one person in an emergency situation with the push of a button.
  • How effective are Car Guards, and can they assist if a vehicle is stolen or burgled? The Safe Sport Tracking - Guard Tracker will allow them to summons a security guard or company assisting them immediately with the push of a button.

 The Safe Sport Tracking - Guard Tracker has a built-in GPS that tracks the exact route/s guards travel  while patrolling a perimeter. No longer do you have to rely on the word of mouth or the tagging  devices they use – the SST Tracker maps the complete route they followed for you to be viewed online  and with the push of a button assistance can be required.

 All data is stored on a server and can be easily extracted for use at any time. This information can be  extracted to spread sheets for analysis, as well as to be viewed on Google Maps. This will show the  precise path the guard followed, and so eliminate the possibility for inaccurate reporting from the  guards.

Geo-fences can also inform you if guards deviates from a preset route or if they enter an area where they are not supposed to be and the notification on “Sleep” Mode can inform you if the guard is not moving for a time duration you have set, allowing them to pause at certain intervals if they are allowed to.

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