What type of notifications can the Safe Sport Tracking Trackers send and am I limited to the number of notifications?

Part of the monthly subscription fee is the sending of notifications via email. All notifications are done via email and is unlimited, as well as to an unlimited number of recipients, as well as to different recipients per notification. SMS notifications can also be done but at an additional cost. Notifications that can be send are the following:
Sleep Mode – When the Safe Sport Tracking Trackers goes into a sleep mode for not moving around in the specified settings set,
Wake up – As soon as the Safe Sport Tracking Trackers detect movement,
Over Speed – When the Safe Sport Tracking Trackers travel in a direction and goes over the speed limit that has been set,
Geofences – When the Safe Sport Tracking Trackers move out of a certain geofence are or into a geofence area which has been created and assigned to the specific SST Tracker
Battery – As soon as the battery reaches a low of 30% battery power left and as soon as the battery power has been restored.

On the Safe Sport Tracking – Guard (single button) or Sport Trackers (2-Button) notifications are set on Panic or Mark and Update position:
– The Panic notification associated to a button will send a URL-Link to the designated recipient/s together with the coordinates and when the recipient clicks on the URL-Link the Safe Sport Tracking website will automatically opens in the default browser and indicate the position where the panic has been pressed.
– When the Mark and Update function is a associated to a button this feature will notify the recipient/s of a marker placed on a GPS position when the associated button is pressed.

Not all notifications have to be sent to a recipient or recipients.