Drone Technology

“Businesses are always looking to innovate, improving and sometimes eliminating inefficient processes — and drones are making it possible to do old tasks in completely new ways,” says Mike Winn, CEO of Drone Deploy.

We specialize in Areal Video and Photography making use a Phantom 4 drone. Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated/direct-down position. Usually the camera is not supported by a ground-based structure, using the latest technology available for:

  • Sport and Special Events: Using the Phantom 4 with it's 4K camera to capture your special event from a height changes the way you look at your special moment - The Phantom 4 can even track and film you while you "move, train, play and compete". Define your special moment and let we capture it for you - we will provide the raw images and video for you to be professionally edited.
  • Real Estate Areal Videos and Photography: Want to give the property you are trying to sell more attraction - By elevating the images or video just above the tree-tops changes the whole perspective. See some of the Real Estate videos done for local agents around the West Rand - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqbKwyUG17uzIqXKeI5Zgng
  • Agricultural Applications: By making use of the latest technology it is easy to capture crop detail with the drone, upload it to the Cloud and have the 2D / 3D images as well as other data available within 24 hours - by enlarging the fleet of drones and equipping them with NIR or FLIR cameras it is even possible to determine the health (NDVI) of crops with full detailed analysis reports.
  • Construction (Project Management): Get weekly progress imaging straight from the Cloud rather than visiting construction sites or hiring expensive equipment to get this images. Images cal be stored in 2D or 3D, Terrain or Surface models and accessible via any mobile device also.
  • Facilities Maintenance: By making use of Drone Technology it is easier to reach heights and areas where it is difficult to reach or where special permits are needed for investigations - Clear and High Resolution images (by making use of software that stitch hundreds of images together to provide a single image) and videos are provided within 24 hours from the inspection done  - all available in the Cloud and accessible by mobile device also.
  • Time-lapse Events (Monitoring): Monitor the growth of sites over a time period by capturing images frequently - The same position from the sky will be used in order to facilitate the easy of viewing. Cloud based processing can be used and these images are available within 24 hours from capturing - accessible via any mobile device also.   

You provide the requirements, we will provide the solution!