• Imagine receiving a call from your child during a training session or race, hearing the dreaded words: “Dad, I fell”, “Where are you?” you ask, “I don’t know” is the answer. Even scarier is the thought of your child’s cell phone being damaged and he/she not being able to contact you.
  • Imagine receiving a phone call from paramedics or the hospital saying that your loved one has been in an accident. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know you could have received an email or SMS notifying you that your loved one is not moving, allowing you to pinpoint their exact location in order to determine if anything has happened to them?
  • How often does it happen that your partner goes on a training session and they return home late? You immediately panic when they are 5 minutes late and you feel helpless not being able to get hold of them.
  • Do you feel left in the dark when your loved ones participate in a race, and you can’t follow their progress? Imagine being able to track them while they participate, all this from the comfort of your own home or office. Imagine sharing in the excitement of knowing exactly how far they are from the finish line.

The Safe Sport Tracking – Sports Tracker is designed to take away the uncertainty of where your loved ones are and can be utilized in almost any situation.

mtb Safety: The dynamic settings of the Safe Sport Tracking – Sports Tracker can be  changed online. This can assist you as parent or partner to pinpoint the exact  location of the device – depending on the individual settings of each device. Settings  such as to be notified when the device enters “No-Go” zones, exits “Go” zones, or  when the device goes into “Sleep” mode (indicating that the device hasn’t moved for a  pre-set time interval). If a pre-set Speed is set, an email notification will be sent when  over-speeding occurs. Together with the “Panic / SOS” functionality this device will  notify you immediately by SMS and email of the exact location, allowing you to view  the location of the device, either on your smartphone, desktop or laptop.

 Training: The Safe Sport Tracking – Sports Tracker assists the coach to view trips the  cyclist undertakes during the training session. Information such as Distance,  Minimum, Maximum and Average Speed, Speed Intervals and Elevation. There is no need to upload this information after the training session, all data is uploaded while the cyclist trains.

Competing: With the “Live Viewing” functionality of the Safe Sport Tracking – Sports Tracker it is easy to follow a team or an individual. This will assist the supporting team to monitor the progress of the team or cyclist, and to make sure that all members are accountable for. The Safe Sport Tracker – Sports Tracker will also assist in the unfortunate event of a crash or a fall whereby the supporting team will be notified even before the sweeping vehicle can assist.


Social: The unique SOS / Panic functionality, the compact and light-weight design of the Safe Sport Tracking – Sports Tracker makes it ideal for the social rider too. By letting other people know that you are cycling, they can follow you and offer assistance if you have any problems. This could reduce the time spent looking for the rider depending on the device settings. Features such as “No-GO” Zones, “Sleep” Mode and Over-Speeding will notify people on a need-to-know basis to act upon the situation.

All data is stored on a server and can be easily extracted for use at any time. This information can be extracted to Spread Sheets for analysis, as well as exported to Google Earth (if installed) on the Desktop or Laptop. This information can form part of your own private collection of rides undertaken anywhere in the world. This can then be shared with family or fiends.

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